Birds of Devil's Gate Basin, Hahamongna Watershed (formerly Oak Grove) Park

prepared by Tracey Alsobrook and Jon Fisher, May 1994

I've birded this area on a number of occasions and I have seen some species that are not on the list:

common goldeneye (spring 1999: ponds next to the JPL east parking lot)
dowitcher species (ponds near the JPL east parking lot)
western screech owl (in the canyon, just north of the JPL bridge)
Swainson's thrush (see note below)
Hutton's vireo
red crossbills (October 1996 irruption; at the JPL east lot bridge)
orange bishop (see note below)
nutmeg mannikin (see note below)

A few notes:
Swainson's thrushes were abundant on the ground and low in the trees along the trail (in the canyon) north of the JPL east lot bridge in May, 1999.

I've seen orange bishops on several occasions next to the pond near the old dead-end bridge at the south end of the park (close to the dam). I saw nutmeg mannikins there once in October, 1998.

Red-shouldered hawks and great-horned owls were breeders at JPL in 1998. The owls bred on the southeast corner of building 198 and the hawks bred in a palm tree on the south side of building 180. There were hummingbirds (Anna's ?) breeding in two trees in front of building 300 in the spring of 1999.

Lance Benner

January 13, 1999

A golden eagle. This subadult bird looks black overall, with some white under the wing and widespread "fingers" at the tips.

Jane Strong

Species Abundance Season Breeder
Double-crested Cormorant O WV  
Great Blue Heron O WV  
Great Egret O WV  
Snowy Egret O WV  
Green Heron O WV  
Black-crowned Night Heron O WV  
Canada Goose O WV  
Wood Duck R WV  
Green-winged Teal O WV  
Mallard C WV  
Key to Status Codes
Cinnamon Teal U WV  
American Wigeon U WV  
Canvasback O WV  
Ring-necked Duck U WV  
Lesser Scaup O WV  
Bufflehead FC WV  
Ruddy Duck FC WV  
Turkey Vulture U M  
Osprey O M  
Northern Harrier O WV  
Key to Status Codes
Sharp-shinned Hawk FC WV  
Cooper's Hawk FC Res  
Red-shouldered Hawk U Res Prob
Swainson's Hawk R M  
Red-tailed Hawk C Res Prob
American Kestrel C Res Prob
Merlin O WV  
California Quail C Res Conf
Killdeer FC Res Prob
Key to Status Codes
Greater Yellowlegs O WV  
Spotted Sandpiper U WV  
Least Sandpiper O WV  
Common Snipe U WV  
Ring-billed Gull U WV  
California Gull U WV  
Rock Dove C Res Conf
Band-tailed Pigeon C Res Prob
Spotted Dove FC Res Prob
Mourning Dove C Res Conf
Key to Status Codes
Great Horned Owl FC Res Prob
Vaux's Swift FC M  
White-throated Swift C Res  
Black-chinned Hummingbird U SV  
Anna's Hummingbird C Res Prob
Rufous Hummingbird U M  
Belted Kingfisher O WV  
Lewis's Woodpecker R WV  
Acorn Woodpecker C Res Conf
Key to Status Codes
Red-naped Sapsucker R WV  
Red-breasted Sapsucker O WV  
Nuttall's Woodpecker C Res Conf
Downy Woodpecker FC Res Prob
Northern Flicker C Res Conf
Western Wood-Pewee C SV Prob
Hammond's/Dusky Flycatcher U M Prob
Gray Flycatcher Vag M  
Pacific-slope Flycatcher FC M  
Key to Status Codes
Black Phoebe C Res Conf
Say's Phoebe FC WV  
Ash-throated Flycatcher C SV Prob
Western Kingbird U M  
Tree Swallow FC M  
Violet-green Swallow FC M  
Northern Rough-winged Swallow C SV Prob
Key to Status Codes
Cliff Swallow C SV Prob
Steller's Jay O WV  
Western Scrub-Jay C Res Conf
American Crow C Res Prob
Common Raven C Res  
Oak Titmouse C Res Prob
Bushtit C Res Conf
White-breasted Nuthatch U WV  
Brown Creeper U WV  
Rock Wren U Res  
Key to Status Codes
Canyon Wren U Res Prob
Bewick's Wren C Res Prob
House Wren C Res Conf
Ruby-crowned Kinglet C WV  
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher C WV  
Western Bluebird FC Res Prob
Hermit Thrush C WV  
American Robin C Res Prob
Wrentit C Res Prob
Northern Mockingbird C Res Conf
Key to Status Codes
California Thrasher C Res Prob
Cedar Waxwing C WV  
Phainopepla C SV Prob
Loggerhead Shrike U Res Prob
European Starling C Res Conf
Plumbeous Vireo U M  
Bell's Vireo U M  
Warbling Vireo C M  
Key to Status Codes
Orange-crowned Warbler C SV Prob
Nashville Warbler U M  
Yellow Warbler FC M  
Yellow-rumped Warbler A WV  
Black-throated Gray Warbler FC M  
Townsend's Warbler U M  
MacGillivray's Warbler O M  
Common Yellowthroat FC Res Prob
Wilson's Warbler C M  
Yellow-breasted Chat O M  
Key to Status Codes
Western Tanager C M  
Black-headed Grosbeak C SV Prob
Lazuli Bunting O SV  
Spotted Towhee C Res Prob
California Towhee C Res Prob
Chipping Sparrow U WV  
Vesper Sparrow R WV  
Lark Sparrow FC Res Prob
Savannah Sparrow U WV  
Black-throated Sparrow R M  
Key to Status Codes
Song Sparrow C Res Prob
Lincoln's Sparrow C WV  
Swamp Sparrow R WV  
White-throated Sparrow R WV  
White-crowned Sparrow A WV  
Golden-crowned Sparrow FC WV  
Dark-eyed Junco C WV  
Red-winged Blackbird FC Res Prob
Western Meadowlark U M  
Brown-headed Cowbird C SV Prob
Key to Status Codes
Brewer's Blackbird FC Res Prob
Hooded Oriole U SV  
Bullock's Oriole FC SV Prob
Purple Finch U WV  
House Finch A Res Conf
Lesser Goldfinch C Res Prob
Lawrence's Goldfinch O M  
American Goldfinch FC Res Prob
House Sparrow C Res Conf

Key to Status Codes
Symbol Code Symbol Code Symbol Code
A Abundant Res Resident Conf Confirmed
C Common WV Winter Visitor Prob Probable
FC Fairly Common SV Summer Visitor    
U Uncommon M Migrant    
R Rare        
Vag Vagrant