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Birdathon Results

Several teams were out and about on Birdathon weekend, April 28 to 30, attempting to find as many species as possible in order to raise funds for Pasadena Audubon's grants and programs. Here are the results:

The Big Sit - 64 Species
About 20 PAS members converged on Legg Lakes in the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area for the April 29 Big Sit. Trip leaders Mark Hunter and Kat Degner were blessed with nice weather, good company, and over­ the­ top nesting activity. They got most of the way to their eventual 64 species before breaking for lunch, with delicious drinks and desserts, and cool raffle prizes, supplied by PAS. Some non­-sitting activity, walking around the lakes, got them the rest of the way to 64.

Team Audu-Bonn - 74 Species
Team Early Bird morphed into Team Audu­Bonn! The Bonn boys, Calvin, age 11, and his dad, Dan Bonn “got up way too early again this year” (those are dad’s words) and launched head first into their second Birdathon. The most notable birds were an adult Peregrine Falcon and a group of four Wandering Tattlers ­ in breeding plumage!

Team Verdin - 145 Species
Dessi Sieburth, the 2015 ABA Young Birder of the Year and member of the Pasadena Audubon Society Young Birder’s Club, finished his Big Photo Day on April 29th with a new record! Dessi and his Team Verdin photographed as many species of birds as possible in Los Angeles County during daylight hours. This year’s Birdathon was Dessi’s fourth Big Photo Day.

Irritable Owl Syndrome -199 Species
On April 30th, team "Irritable Owl Syndrome" covered the vast oceans, damp marshes, grassy parks, majestic mountains, windy deserts, and urban streets of Los Angeles County on a 21-hour birdathon. Their mission: to identify (by sight or sound) as many species of birds as possible in a single day, in Los Angeles County. Darren Dowell, Janet and Mark Scheel ended with 198 ABA species, plus 1 non-ABA birds (Egyptian Goose), for a total of 199 species.

Team Kernville or Bust! - 30 Species
The day was perfect for birding weather-Wise, but the birds were not to be found! Butterbredt spring is usually buzzing with dozens of species. Today it was way too quiet. Only 6 species were observed. Moving on down Kelso Valley Rd., And usual Stops (Kern River Sanctuary, Frog spring) did not reveal any new species!! In Kern Valley most of the usual hot spots are now closed due flooding (great for watershed), Not so good for birding). It was oddly Quiet and empty in Kernville environs. But the lake was very full..!! In the end, only 30 species were observed So Kernville really was a Bust for BIRDATHONing, But that's nature for you! They were likely just resting on This day!

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