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Birdathon Results 2018

Nine teams were out and about on Birdathon weekend, April 27 to 29, attempting to find as many species as possible in order to raise funds for Pasadena Audubon's grants and programs.

If you want to make a contribution to one of the teams:

  • You can donate online:

    Name of Team/Birder

  • Or mail a check (or use the donation envelope found in the last Wrentit) to

    Pasadena Audubon
    Attn: Birdathon
    1750 N Altadena Dr
    Pasadena, CA 91107

    and indicate the team you are supporting in the memo line.

    Here are the results:

    Team Verdin: Team Verdin reported a personal best of 151 species photographed!! Congratulations to Dessi Sieburth on this accomplishment, and a big thanks to his support team of Beatrix Schwarz and Frank & Susan Gilliland.

    Team Audu-Bonn: Team Audu-Bonn saw a juvenile Black Oystercatcher as the sun was setting over the Redondo breakwater for their 100th species of the day. Congratulations to Dan and Calvin Bonn for an amazing result!

    Irritable Owl Syndrome: IOS also had a record breaking year, with an absolutely incredible 217 (214 ABA) species reported! From midnight to after sunset, this intrepid team traveled from the mountains to the shore in a 21-hour adventure. Congratulations to Mark and Janet Scheel, Darren Dowell, and John Garrett. Click here for more details .

    The LadyBirders: New this year, the LadyBirders got Birdathon off to a great start on Friday with 87 species reported (72 just at Peck!) and 2 pitchers of margaritas consumed. Congratulations to Lois Brunet, Deni Sinnott, Kathy Degner, Mei Kwan, Grace Wong, Pam Dong, Karen Brumer, and Kym Buzdygon

    The Big Sit at Whittier Narrows: A long-time classic, this sedentary session resulted in a very respectable 42 species! Congratulations to Ira Blitz, Mark Hunter, and all the birders who joined them

    Lerpy Eucs Long Beach: Another new team this year, the Lerpy Eucs made good use of their namesake to bring in 101 species for the day that included 8 different warbler species and some courting kestrels! Congratulations to Merryl Edelstein, Tracy Drake, Carol Furutani, Jeff Moore, Kim Moore, Keith Quinlivan, Becky Turley, Steve Turley

    Super Posh Extremely Exclusive Fancy Schmancy Birdathon Team: A small but mighty group joined PAS President Laura Garrett in her garden and ended with 31 species for the morning! Congratulations to Laura Garrett, Elaine MacPherson, Cam Goldman, Taylor Paez, and Leslie Mylius

    Team Tejon Ranchers: Team Tejon braved the gusting winds to finish with 52 species, including Tri-Colored Blackbirds, Golden Eagles, and Pronghorn Antelope! (Ok, antelope are not birds, but still pretty cool). Congratulations to Frank & Susan Gilliland, Katie & AJ Riggs, Kim Moore, Merryl Edlestein, Jan & Mickey Long, Kathy Linowski, Bonnie Brady, Patrick Gavit, Daniel & Grace Wu

    Team Adriana: New to Birdathon and to PAS, Adriana decided to take Birdathon on the road and birded while visiting Kansas City, MO! She finished the day with 24 species and some great pictures. Congratulations to Adriana Kleiman!