Midweek Nice and Easy Birding Club walks!

3rd Wednesday of each month, 8AM

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you signed up for Fall 2021 Midweek Nice and Easy Birding Club walks you must re-sign up for the winter walks!

Longtime Pasadena Audubon members will remember our midweek “Magpie Study Group” events. Well, we're bringing them back! But given that these tongue-in-cheek midweek trips involve little studying, and even fewer magpies, we thought we’d change the name to something that is just a little more descriptive. So, say hello to our "Nice and Easy Birding Club" walks!

These walks offer some easy paced birding, with generously later morning start times (8:00am-9:00am) typically at just the one location at sites that are picked for both their quality of birding and accessibility for birders.

Upcoming trips will include the Los Angeles River, San Gabriel Spreading Grounds and more. Trips will mainly be run by PAS guide Ed Stonick, with some guest appearances from some other PAS trip leaders.

To sign up for the trips follow these steps...

  1. Read our guidelines on field trips here
  2. Complete our signup and waiver form here.
  3. Once you complete the form you will then be able to see the meeting time and location for the Nice and Easy trips in the coming months. Unlike most of our other trips, where you will be emailed these details, this time you will need to make a note to save the meeting time and location for these forthcoming trips yourself.