Midweek Nice and Easy Birding Club with Ed Stonick

3rd Wednesday of each month, 8AM

Pasadena Audubon is relaunching what used to be our midweek “Magpie Study Group” events. Given that these tongue-in-cheek midweek trips involve little studying and even fewer magpies last year we thought we’d change the name to something that is just a little more descriptive. What these walks will offer is some easy paced birding, with generous later morning start times (8:00-9:00am) typically at just one local location at sites that are picked for both their quality of birding and accessibility for birders.
Upcoming trips will include the Los Angeles River, San Gabriel Spreading Grounds and more. Trips will mainly be run by PAS guide Ed Stonick, with some guest appearances from some other PAS trip leaders.
To sign up for the trips you will need to read our guidelines on field trips.

Then, sign up below. Once you complete the sign up you will be able to access and download the meeting time and locations for the Nice and Easy trips in the coming year. Unlike other current PAS trips these tours will not limit the number of participants.

Questions? Email Ed Stonick at edstonick@gmail.com or Luke Tiller at luke.tiller@gmail.com.

Sign up here