Pasadena Audubon Education

Pasadena has a multi-prong approach to education.

First is the membership education prong. We want to make sure that all PAS members have the opportunity to learn about birds. This includes beginning and more advanced birding skills including identification, habitat, migration, drawing, bird families, how botany relates to birds, and more.

Adults aren’t the only people interested in birds and nature. The PAS Young Birder Club welcomes kids from 6+ years and all experience levels. Our goal is to bring like-minded kids and their parents together to build a sense of community and shared experiences.

The YBC holds eight meetings a year to offer young birders and their parents a chance to learn about birds, conservation, socialize, and present their projects, trips, and passions to their peers. The YBC actively participates in volunteer educational outreach events focused on birds and conservation efforts, especially the critically endangered California Condor, the annual Birdathon, and the Christmas Bird Count. The YBC also offers several unique and educational field trips and opportunities each year.

To learn more about what the award winning PAS YBC has accomplished please see the Young Birders Club .

In addition to these activities, Pasadena Audubon is bringing birding education into the community and our local schools. We are active in two Pasadena public school with Our Bird Science Program, which provides a combination of science based classroom lessons and fields trips. Go to Bird Science Program to learn more. See Outreach to learn about our community engagement activities.

Everything Pasadena Audubon Society does is geared around educating our members and young birders, including our monthly programs and many field trips.

If you have any questions or education suggestions, please feel free to email us at